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1.Unique paste recipe for deep cycle application.
2.AGM separator and high plate group assembly ,avoids the short circuit.
3.Using high quality alloy as the material of grid, resisting creep, corrosion resistant, good electrical conductivity, few air diffusion and low water missing rate.
4.Battery container is made of reinforcing ABS, sealing with modified epoxy resin, corrosion resistant and no acid leakage.
5.The special additive in patented products can refine the four tribasic lead sulfate particles produced in paste mixing and curing process, which can improve utilization rate of active materials and increase battery output power.
6.Highly reactive electic material and low temperature expander are added in plates, the products have excellent performance of low temperature charging-discharging acceptance, which can avoid the problem of cutting mileage during continuation line in winter
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